The Garden

Regular contact with nature is the basis of all other education.     ~ Maria Montessori

Windows are fine, playgrounds are fair, but human beings (and particularly our children) long for more.  The colors, textures, scents and intricate balances of the natural world weave themselves day by day, season by season, through any authentic Montessori experience.  A meticulous scientist, Maria spent a lifetime observing and measuring the effects that time spent working and playing in nature had on children.  She also measured the ways in which children deprived of those experiences struggled.  In the end, she concluded that "the combination of beauty, order, balance, the movement of the Sun, the rhythm of the seasons and the rhythms of sowing, tending and harvesting help to orient each of us to this place we call our home."

At Maria's House Doylestown, we take Montessori seriously.  The interior and exterior of the manor house work as a single program space, joined by a sheltered deck whose ramp and broad stair empty into our secure, enclosed garden and play area.  Conceived by our directors, designed by landscape architect Ann Marchino, RLA, LLA, ASLA of Philadelphia's Barton Partners and executed by general contractor Bruce Naglak and campus developer Rick Lyons (Green Street RE), our outside space features raised beds for gardening and botany, beach grasses, stepping stones, flower covered gates, perfectly scaled play equipment from Parents' Choice Foundation award winner CedarWorks  of Rockport, Maine, and a few other whimsical touches.  Graced by songbirds and butterflies, and spanned by a friendly tricycle path, the garden will host events for parents and professionals throughout the year.  We hope that you have the chance to enjoy this truly magical space with us, just as soon as the big yellow trucks are finished with it!