The Elementary Scholars Program

Elementary Scholars at Maria’s House have full access to our diverse array of advanced studies, including English grammar, literature, geometry and mathematics, integrated science, fine arts, choral and instrumental music, cultural anthropology, food preparation, botany, zoology, geography and immersive language study. Our program is guided by Montessori Master Teachers, elementary specialists, systems researchers and one of the Commonwealth’s most popular experts on the education of gifted children.

...a high-intensity Montessori micro-initiative...

The Elementary Scholars program is a high-intensity Montessori Micro-Initiative, with a limited initial enrollment of twelve students using both dedicated and common spaces. Until a vaccine is successfully deployed, the program will operate under the extended CDC protocols adopted by our Directors and Board in April of 2020.

Due to the broad array of significant disease transmission risks associated with institutional schools, we require a fourteen day period for any student transitioning into our program space from a high-risk environment. While our policy ensures the safety of our students, faculty and families, it does preclude part-time enrollment for students who may be attending other schools. Throughout the pandemic, our clear choice will always be to err on the side of caution.

Weekly and Monthly Enrollment Options

Given the fluid nature of this particular situation, we offer weekly and monthly enrollments for Elementary Scholars. Regular enrollment is full-day (7:30am to 3:00pm) five-day, with hourly extended care programs available through 6pm. All of our offerings are entirely Montessori in design and delivery. Scholars bring their own lunches, which are held through the morning in commercial refrigeration units. A wide variety of healthy seasonal and ethnic foods and snacks are always available.