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Teagan S. Lewis, BS

Hailing from a green land beyond the great river (aka Wenonah, NJ), Teagan earned her undergraduate degree summa cum laude from the acclaimed Psychology department of Philadelphia's own Thomas Jefferson University. A highly experienced child-development practitioner formerly in service to the HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy, Teagan also brings the well-honed literary skills of a published poet and editor to our cadre of guides, along with her practical (not to mention downright fun!) experience as a gelatista and baker in the hand-crafted ice-cream industry.

Joining our practice when she did, our newest guide began her Montessori transition in earnest, got to enjoy the bittersweet joy of Giorno dell'Addio, and was immediately swept into the Montessori madness of our Interterm staff training, which (as always) included a morning on the strips with the coaches and master swordsmen at Bucks County Academy of Fencing in Lambertville. Welcome to Montessori, Teagan. En garde!

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