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On the fourth of May, we opened our doors to serve the children of essential personnel in our Maria’s House community. Along with the Commonwealth wavier enabling us to operate came an opportunity to enter into a new covenant with our families, acknowledging and embracing that mutual duty that has formed and defined our national conscience for over 240 years. Our individual drop-offs and daily intake protocols, hand-made Olsen-pattern personal masks, elementary scholars program, our quiet, constant cleaning procedure and the vigilance and transparency of our parents, guardians and faculty members each have been outward signs of a deeper truth: Human beings are strong and generous enough to take on a few short-term inconveniences in order to protect and serve a greater good. It’s our privilege to help those who help all, doing what we know best. Let’s look out for one another. We’ll see you (someday soon) at the House.

Much has been given us, and much will rightfully be expected from us.
We have duties to others and duties to ourselves; and we can shirk neither.

                                                                      ~ President Theodore Roosevelt

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HERE AT THE HOUSE - Episode Two is Ready!

Along with their inherent challenge, the past fifty days brought unprecedented opportunities for us to grow as a Montessori community.  The Maria’s House elves have harnessed “the wonder of television” to bring our House to yours, our quiet tribute to the lifelong work of Fred Rogers and the enduring vision of Maria Montessori. If you have a special three to six year old in your life and thirty minutes to spare, feel free to click the link above and share a little old-school Montessori magic at Maria’s House. Grace, Mr. Mike, Maestro Holbrow and Ms. Walker are waiting for you, with a few more episodes are in the works, made just for you, just for fun, with love and our best wishes. See you at the House!

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We know the deep and lasting value of early childhood education.  We also know that an authentic Montessori Primary Program with trained and certified faculty tends to cost more per month than daycare.  At Maria’s House, we believe that excellence isn’t exclusive.  Click here to explore our grants and aid page, or talk with us directly to see what we’re doing to keep real Montessori affordable.

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We understand the journey that you and your child are taking.  Beyond our work as Montessori educators and early childhood specialists, we're parents and siblings, informed by our own developmental paths, constantly learning and growing.  The search for beautiful and lively early childhood education is familiar to our faculty and staff.  It's what led us to the Montessori method in the first place.  And it's what brought you here.

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Let me show you…

Our House

Completed in 1874 and dedicated to service as an orphanage in 1907, the Fretz Mansion is the perfect setting for Montessori.  Take a two minute tour (with audio) here.

Take the tour here


Spend a few minutes with our executive director, Laine Walker, as she reflects on the Montessori experience at Maria's House.

The Montessori Difference

New Here?

Maria's House accepts rolling applications based on availability.  Our 2019-20 academic year continues through June 26.  Click below to explore our Family Information Packet.
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SUmmer 2020

Development doesn't take the summer off.  Neither do we.  Click on the link below for our 60 second video tour (with music) of Ponte Montessori, the summer session of Maria's House.

Learn more about Ponte about SUmmer 2020

Ponte Montessori (The Montessori Bridge) is the summer session at Maria's House.  Fully Montessori in design and delivery, Ponte is an opportunity for your young explorer to experience our approach to hands-on, advanced early-childhood education for a week, a month, or the entire summer.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS...

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