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It wasn't that long ago.  Many of us have grandparents whose early education was delivered by members of their own nuclear families.  Some of them returned home after the service or schooling to join family businesses.  The desire for home and kin is hardwired into our species.  It may get stretched and stressed, but it never goes away.

We know that you'd do this yourself if you could.  We also know that no early-childhood program ever replaces the exquisite beauty of home.  Still, a good, small-scaled, developmentally based program can significantly augment the care that you provide.  Our house, our staff and the Montessori approach are all grounded in the notion that each child carries a unique and boundless potential, an individual genius which is waiting to discover and to be discovered.  We know you'll find Maria's House truly is... close to home.

Use the links on this page to learn more about our house, our director, inquiry and application, and the Montessori Difference.


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