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Maria's House provides a five-day Montessori Primary program (full-day and part time), welcoming children 3-6 years of age to explore their world in a safe, engaging and thoroughly Montessori way, celebrating the unique developmental path that each of us travels.   Any child who is comfortably toilet trained and has outgrown the need for an afternoon nap (do any of us really outgrow that?) will be well-suited to the rhythm of daily life at our Doylestown casa.  Most days unfold like this:

  7:50 am   Dropoff begins at our circle with staff assistance
  8:20 am   Gathering, flag raising and morning exercise
  8:40 am   Morning rally at cubbies
  8:45 am   Morning work period begins
  11:20 am   Stepping Stones transitions, farewells and pickup


 11:30 pm  Table setting and lunch
 12:10 pm  Table clearing and cleanup

 12:15 pm  Exploration (outdoors whenever the weather permits)
  1:00 pm  Afternoon rally at cubbies
  1:05 pm   Afternoon work period begins 
 2:45 pm   Full-day farewells
 3:00 pm   Early pickup begins at our circle with staff assistance


For interested families, Maria's House provides three additional program opportunities each and every day:

      Tea  & Interesting Things (3pm-4pm)
      Maria's Academy (4pm-5pm)
      Retreat & Flag Lowering  (5pm-5:45pm)

Our extended care is also thoroughly Montessori, offering our young explorers opportunities for outdoor play, civilized snacks, instruction in music, food preparation, fencing, chess and more.  You can download our Family Information Packet from by clicking here to visit the Inquire page of our site.  If you'd like to speak with a member of our staff, please fill out the form below, or call us at 610-290-5019.  We'll be in touch soon.

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