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Who provides my child lunch?

You do. We're happy to store your child's refrigerated items in our large commercial fridge.

Who provides my child's snacks?

We do. Healthy good choices are available throughout the day through Practical Life works and at Afternoon Tea. Children are able to choose, prepare, and enjoy their snacks at their leisure.

What if I accidentally forget my child's lunch?

Don't worry!  Maria's House prepares a daily selection of salad, fruit, soup, fresh-baked breads and the like to supplement our explorers' lunch. Your child will always be well taken care of. 

What uniform items will my child need?

Maria's House uniforms are composed of:

  • MHMI polo shirt

  • MHMI winter sweater

  • MHMI Khakis

  • Brown belt

  • Brown dress shoes

  • Pair of outside exploration shoes (sneakers, etc.)

Our Policies

The page below offers answers to a few initial questions that you might have.  A complete list of Maria's House Montessori policies is included in our annual Family Handbook.

Do children at Maria's House wear uniforms?

Yes.  Throughout the centuries, explorers have worn clothing that was well suited to the task at hand.  Maria’s House uniforms serve exactly the same purpose.  Your child’s day at the Fretz Mansion will include a healthy amount of movement and activity.   Your child's uniform provides a proven combination of comfort and durability.  (We also hope it will lighten your morning routines!)

Maria’s House uniform items are simple to clean and easy to put on and off.  Developed in partnership with Lands End and French Toast, each component has been rigorously tested by our staff, who ensure from year to year that your child wears the highest quality uniform clothing at the most reasonable price.  Uniform pieces are available through the Equip page of our website.  

Most days at Maria's House unfold like this:


7:50 am   Drop off begins at our circle with staff
8:20 am   Flag raising and morning exercise
8:40 am   Morning rally at cubbies
8:45 am   Morning work period begins
11:20am  Stepping Stones farewells


11:30 pm  Table setting and lunch
12:10 pm  Table clearing and cleanup


12:15 pm  Exploration (outdoors whenever the weather permits)
  1:00 pm  Afternoon rally at cubbies
  1:05 pm   Afternoon work period begins 
  2:45 pm   Full-day farewells
  3:00 pm  Early pickup begins

What are your drop-off times?
Drop-off begins at our circle with staff assistance at 7:45 am.  After you arrive at our entrance, a Maria’s House staff member will help unload your child from your car.  After 8:20 am, you will need to park and walk your explorer into our house.

What are your pickup times?
You choose when your child’s day ends: 3pm, 4pm, or 5pm.  Our full-day Montessori Primary program ends at 3pm.  Families interested in additional care are invited to choose one, two or all of our supplemental programs:

  • Afternoon Tea & Interesting Things (3pm-4pm) 

  • Maria’s Academy (4pm-5pm) 

  • Retreat & Flag Lowering (5pm-5:45pm) 

Extended care at Maria’s House is also thoroughly Montessori, offering our young explorers opportunities for outdoor play, civilized snacks, instruction in music, food preparation, culture and language, chess, fencing and more.

What is my child's daily schedule?

Drop-off and Pick-up Times?

Do You Ever Have Special Celebrations?

Yes, we do.  As an occasion approaches, Maria’s House will share the details with you in writing and in person.

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