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Denise Callanan-Kline, Artist in Residence

Though may have never shaken her hand, there's a good chance you already know Denise, that you've seen the world through her eyes, relived scenes through her brushes, lost yourself in the warm, natural clarity of her palette.  Classically trained in a variety of media, Denise completed undergraduate studies in art education at Temple University and went on to earn her Masters of Arts at Arcadia University, Glenside.  A fine-arts practitioner by trade, Denise also found time to serve as both an instructor at Philadelphia's Holy Family University and a champion of practical and transformative art education throughout our region.  At Maria's House, Denise works in tandem with our directors and faculty to support and develop the natural expressive genius of each explorer (and guide) as she introduces us to the wonders of graphite and charcoal, form and perspective, colors, shadings and the natural world.  We're truly privileged to have Denise with us from week to week.  Interested in learning more about the art of Denise Callanan-Kline? Denise Callanan-Kline's website on Artspan

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