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Maestro Mark Holbrow, USFCA

An integral part of our curriculum development team, Maestro Mark Holbrow holds fencing master certifications from the United States Fencing Coaches Association and the Academie D'armes Internationale. He studied under Stan Sieja,  Fencing Master for Princeton University, from 1974 to1980, and acted as his apprentice and assistant coach for Princeton from 1978 to 1980. Over the last 37 years, he has produced a number of cadet (under 17), junior (under 20), and senior national finalists in all three weapons (foil, epee, saber).

In 1986 Maestro Holbrow was a member of the US team that competed in the World Fencing Masters Championships in Stuttgart, Germany. He was the only member of the five man team to qualify and compete in all three weapons at the championship. Although he considers epee to be his favorite competition weapon, he was on the three-man team who took the bronze medal for the US in sabre. In May of 2001, Maestro Holbrow was invited to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to take part in the US Fencing Association's new "Black Star" elite coaches training program. Coaches having students in the top 32 of the US national point standings were invited to participate in this program. Maestro Holbrow was one of 12 coaches from across the United States who took part in this program.

Working side by side and blade to blade with our directors, Mark provides world-class training for our professional staff while continually assisting us in breaking the art of fencing down to its most basic components of footwork and handwork, thrusts and parries, estimation, control and (most of all) great swashbuckling fun!  

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