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Cultural Anthropology

Cul·ture  [kəl-chər]:  The characteristic features of everyday existence (such as customs, expression and methods of communication) shared by people in a particular place at a particular time.

Maria Montessori was fascinated by every aspect of culture.  Beyond mere language, our stories and songs, foods and customs, expressions, arts and values ground and strengthen us.  Healthy and early exposure to the rich and ancient diversity within our species clarifies our own heritage while deepening and broadening our respect for those differences that characterize other tribes, regions, nations and peoples.  At Maria’s House, our approach to culture goes far beyond language.  Our Cultural Anthropology pilot program is a model rooted in Dr. Montessori’s own relentless search for an organic, natural means of bringing her primary-aged children (3-6) into contact with pedagogues who could embody the heart, soul and heritage of their native cultures.  Over the course of the year, season by season, our young explorers enjoy weekly visits from gifted and experienced Cultural Attaches, seasoned international guides who stop by around our lunchtime as characters from particular places and particular times, sharing the foods, crafts, songs, stories, customs and (yes) language of their homeland.  From Italy to India, Germany to Ghana, the Poconos to the Pyrenees to the Alps to the Himalayas, Maria’s House Attaches bring the wide and wonderful world to our doorstep, enchanting (and educating) our explorers each and every week. 

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