Summers at the House

Bridges are wonderful things.  The best are as beautiful as they are well-engineered, elegant in every sense of the word.  What does that have to do with our summer program?  Absolutely everything.

From Here to There...
The Montessori Bridge program brings a maximum of forty 3-6 year olds each week into close contact with extraordinary (and fun) components of our shared human endeavor side by side with our inspired guides and expert adjuncts.  Maria's House integrates time-honored Montessori practice with new disciplines, as we break down golf and fencing, chess and organic gardening, equine and animal studies, pizza making and madcap team sports into their most basic components.  Couple that with our usual array of advanced developmental opportunities (language arts, mathematics, reading, practical life, sensorial, music making, cultural anthropology) and our ongoing Lenni Lenape encampment, and you wind up with a summer experience that's as remarkable for family members and guides as it is for our children.  And that's what our summer program is all about.  

Settimana per Settimana...
From early July through late August, Ponte Montessori  offers your child an opportunity to enjoy Maria's House for just a week, or for a few, or for the entire summer.  Tuition is $375 per week, with discounts for multiple weeks.  Registration begins Monday, April 6 and will continue until all of our weekly spots are filled, after which interested families will be placed on our wait list.  A PDF copy of our 2020 information packet is available below.   Our online packet and application will be available here soon.  For additional questions, please email our Inquiries desk by clicking here, or call the House at 610-290-5019.  We're always happy to talk with you!

Ponte Montessori 2020