Maria's House Mutual Care Protocols

            Download a detailed PDF copy of our Mutual Care policies and protocols by clicking here:  Mutual Care Policy 2020-2021
            Learn more about the safe antiviral disinfectant used in our overnight cleanings by clicking here:  Oxivir Datasheet (PDF)



  • Drop-offs begin at 7:20am and continue until 8:30am
  • Please pull up to the porch as usual, and then...
  • Our staff will:
    • Escort your child from your car into our vestibule
    • Check your child’s temperature
    • Talk with your child about how they’re feeling
    • Visually inspect your child
  • If we have any concerns, we’ll speak with you about them  
  • If all is well, you’ll be on your way, and your child will enter the House



  • Our program floor is UV sanitized each and every night 
  • Explorers head directly to our lavatory for a good handwashing
  • While they do that, a staff member wipes down and stows lunch bags
  • After scrubbing, your child receives their own fresh personal mask:
    • Olson pattern
    • soft, breathable layered 100% cotton
    • comfy cotton jersey head ties (rather than ear loops)
    • each child has multiple masks for their exclusive use
    • masks are laundered at the end of each day
  • Our staff also wears safe, artsy masks for our mutual safety
  • Disposable individual facial wipes are used throughout the day
  • Sunscreen is applied with disposable individual applicators
  • Appropriate distance is dictated by common sense and respect


use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask


  • Our usual 20 second Montessori handwashing occurs
    • after any hand-to-face contact
    • after entering or re-entering the House from outside
    • after toileting
    • prior to and after food handling
  • Staff maintains a regular practice of disinfecting surfaces throughout the day
  • As always, our lavatories and program space are disinfected daily
  • Our disinfectant is a chlorine-free 80% alcohol solution




  • Your pick-up time is based on program enrollment
  • Please pull up to the porch as usual and wait in your vehicle
  • A staff member will escort your child to your car
  • We’ll report to you about your child’s day at that time
  • We ask that you help us maintain physical distancing during drop-off