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Frau Doctor Anna M. Shantz

The Institute for Foreign Languages – Anna M. Shantz, Ph.D. ~ Director

Educated in Europe and in the States, Anna Shantz began her higher education at the Gymnasium in Germany, completed graduate courses at the Sorbonne and earned both her Masters and Doctorate from Bryn Mawr College. Dr. Shantz is well known in Bucks County as a community leader, linguist and educational consultant.

As Director of the Institute, Dr. Shantz regularly returns to Europe to teach and to conduct research. Her unique approach to language instruction blends Berlitz training with Piagetian language acquisition theories. In this country, she has appeared on numerous media presentations as an advocate for international exchange. She has supported several global trade initiatives and serves on the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors as Vice President of Communication.  Dr. Shantz is also a trained voice actor who has lent her talent and her distinctive voice to German, French and Italian productions. Her specialties are exotic travelogues, children’s literature, and commercial advertisements. 

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