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A Very Montessori Summer

Imagine yourself as a four year old, when all the world was still new and full of surprises.

Now, imagine a perfect week, with days built just for you, guided by friendly experts, with a beautiful old house as your personal academy, its green campus your own country club, its gardens your organic farm, the ideal base camp for your very own mid-summer safari, and every day buzzing with the promise of adventure and harvests, as math, science and language weave together with the magic of giant chess, small scale golf, equestrian studies, pizza making, cricket and fencing, amazing encounters with a zooful of happy visiting animals, rocket launches and picnic lunches.


Imagine a staff constantly working behind the scenes, laughing and learning with you, sharing stories, songs, culture and language from far away places (Italy, France, India) and not so far away places (at our ongoing Lenni Lenape powwow).


Can you see it? So can we. Welcome to Ponte Montessori, the weekly summer session at Maria’s House.


We’re ready for you!

Registration Opens

25 MARCH 2024

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