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A Letter of Welcome


Dear Family, Friends and Explorers of All Ages,

I first encountered Dr. Montessori's words a few years into my own search for a better, more natural way to educate our children. The clarity and authenticity of her work made an immediate impression on my identity as a teacher, and launched me into an early childhood journey that continues to this day. Can it really be true that children naturally write before they read? Do exercises in Practical Life genuinely and positively influence a child's overall development in ways that measurably affect academics? Do works like the Pink Tower or the Broad Stair truly accelerate cognition and visual-spatial recognition? Like the children in our Montessori environment, my own questions didn't stop. Each answer led to a new path, new excitement, new questions!

To answer your first question, yes, your child will do remarkable things within a Montessori cohort. Writing begins early at our house with the Movable Alphabet, progressing seamlessly and naturally to paper and pencil. Your child will be multiplying four-digit numbers, reciting Robert Frost poems, identifying nouns and verbs and coaching you in remembering the fifty states, while also bringing meaningful (and willing) help whenever you prepare a family meal, and all of that before ever setting foot in first-grade. Three years in a Montessori primary program impacts childhood development in ways that will last a lifetime.

For some, those academic feats are the high-point of Montessori primary education. For me, they're simply the byproduct of our profound and exciting work. The real heart of our work can be found within the simple, everyday moments within our house. From the morning greeting to great adventures on our cedar playset to the joy of counting the Thousand Bead Chain, every minute of a Montessori day exists within a thoughtful environment specifically prepared for your child. Somewhere between the rhythms of routine and discovery, exploration and celebration, leading and following, life is transformed by wonder. Each child develops according to their own genius. And all of us, guides, parents, family members and friends, are changed for the better.

At Maria's House Doylestown, we join Dr. Montessori in knowing that each child's future is being formed right here, right now. They're hardwired to be curious, to search and explore, guided by their own inner muse. It's our privilege to work in concert with you, with your family, and with your child, celebrating each and every day that they're with us, supporting them, keeping them safe, and welcoming them to the richness of early childhood. I look forward to answering all of your questions as they arise.


Laine Walker, MA, NBCT
Executive Director

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