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Stepping Stones (3-year-olds)



Part Time - Five (5) Day

Primary Academic Program (8am-3pm)









Afternoon Tea & Interesting Things (3pm-4pm)

Maria's Academy (4pm-5pm)

Retreat and Flag Lowering (5pm-5:45pm)

Full Time - Five (5) Day

Families entering the program during the course of the year are provided with a prorated tuition and payment plan, including discounted single payment options. Our staff works closely with each of our families to identify and implement the most suitable financial plan.  Once enrolled, your child's tuition remains the same for the duration of your time with us.

Along with direct payments by check or cash, Maria’s House Montessori offers secure, automated electronic payments by (credit/debit card). Payments for our September-June academic program are accepted as follows:

  • 1 payment (10 months) at enrollment (3% discount)

  • 2 payments August and January (2% discount)

  • Monthly payments (due the first of each month September-June)

Rolling Enrollment & Payment Options
Summer Program
For All Who Serve
All In The Family

Maria’s House is proud to offer a 10% tuition scholarship to the children of those who protect and defend others through their Military service and Law Enforcement including front-line medical personnel, along with our heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

Maria’s House offers Ponte Montessori, a seven week Montessori summer experience. Program weeks are available individually or in any combination until registration is full. Families enrolled in our academic program are offered the chance to select their preferred summer weeks in March. Open enrollment for our summer session begins in April.

Families with multiple siblings receive a 10% tuition scholarship for each additional child enrolled.


Maria's House Offers Three Extended Care Options Daily

Afternoon Tea & Interesting Things

Maria's Academy

Retreat & Flag Lowering

Our extended care options are thoroughly Montessori, offering our young explorers opportunities for outdoor play, civilized snacks, instruction in music, food preparation, chess, fencing, golf, language, culture and more.

Deposits and Fees

Non-Refundable Tuition Deposit due with contract

First Month

$ 50 (one time)

Application Fee

Extended Care

Maria's Academy (4pm-5pm)

$ 246/mo

Our extended care offerings are fully Montessori in design and delivery.

$ 246/mo

$ 246/mo

Retreat & Flag Lowering (5pm-5:45pm)

Afternoon Tea & Interesting Things (3pm-4pm)

Monthly Tuition

Stepping Stones Five Day September-June (3yo)

  • AM - 8am-11:15am

$ 980/mo

$ 1,658/mo

Primary Five Day September-June, 8am-3pm    

Tuition and Fees

Academic Year 2023-24

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